Nevada is truly a barren land! So when a glorious golden city suddenly appeared on the horizon, we were absolutely moved.

Rarely people travel one-way from Grand Canyon to Las Vegas. Not many options except a tour bus of local operator. When rushing to the bus as the last two passengers, we realized it was the bus of one-day tour from LV because most of passengers looked so tired >_< It was such a long-haul trip, 5/6 hours one-way.

The bus stopped twice and passengers got off  to buy coffee and use washroom. It also slowed down when passing the Hoover Dam. I still remember the hot coffee at the lonely rest stop, it warmed me up with aroma smell.

Even through Li Xiaohu is not really into Casino or shopping, I’d like to call Las Vegas ‘Man-Made Marvel’. When the bus climbed over a slope, a shining city appeared in the middle of a desert and its golden lights spread widely.

Only one night here. After settling down in the hotel, we went to see the replicas of the pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower…on the LV Strip. Many visitors rejoiced on the road, with colorful drinks. The whole city was like a huge party.

One of the most impressive place was the Bellagio fountains. But it was a little bit too short.

We had Burrito dinner in a Mexican restaurant. It was nice to have some rich, tasty food after a long trip.




The Statue of Liberty under the Moon. The lights of LV really changed the scenery.



Another Statue of Liberty was made out of candy:)





The Las Vegas in daytime was quiet and clean (??) . The picture was taken through our hotel window so its color looks weird. Btw, the MGM Grand hotel is big and old. The mountain could be seen clearly.

It was time to catch our Southwest Airline flight (I like Southwest Airline). We took taxi to the airport. Actually we should try to walk there next time, since it looked so close to the LV Strip….(surely we will be exhausted and regret).


It was hilarious at the airport. When Chen Tu played slot machines (>_<b ‘When in Rome’), I went to Starbucks. As usual the barista asked my name. But, when I got my mocha, I noticed she misspelled it…

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, she wrote ‘Kyoto’ on the coffee cup…Is my name that funny???

Chen Tu: ……